Stein is Balling

The “Schule Schloss Stein”, the private school in the Bavarian town Stein a. d. Traun which is home to ASB GlassFloor will be hosting a unique basketball and beach volleyball event.

The sports event organised by students from the 11th grade will feature a 3×3 Basketball tournament wich will be held on their glass sports flooring .  The beach volleyball tournament will take place on their beach volleyball court.

The unique aspect of the tournament is the fact that it will take place on the world’s first sports hall with an illuminated glass sports flooring which was installed back in 2009. The modern gym with its elastic glass floor is a real highlight. The star-attraction are the integrated LED marking lines that display different court markings individually, such as basketball or volleyball at the touch of the control pad. After all these years and daily use, and despite the ASB GlassFloor having been developed further since, it still looks stunning and excites students and visitors.

Discover more about the event here:




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