Generating an unforgettable ambience

The rise of on-demand entertainment has revolutionised the sports and events industry. Advertisers and media companies have been forced to adjust to modern viewing habits where consumers watch what they want, when they want, where they want. But live sporting events represent the last true appointment viewing. Live sports lead the pack in today’s fragmented media landscape and I truly believe that the ASB GlassFloor is something new and innovative that can help sporting events continue being appealing and attractive to viewers and fans alike. With the ability to change or switch off its LED marking lines, the sports flooring allows venues to stage unique half-time shows that glue viewers to their television.

BallsportArena Globetrotters


Creating the best fan experience possible is the key to success for any sports venue. The ASB GlassFloor with its illuminated LED marking lines is not only designed with the athlete in mind, but also the audience. The glass sports flooring is visually pleasing and allows any venue to put on a great show, thus generating an unforgettable ambience.   Take a look at the video below – taken at the BallsportArena in Dresden, Germany which features a 1.936 m² GlassFloor.


Luminous radiance in sun and rain

Indoor- or Outdoor-Event – LumiFlex enables organisers to choose freely. The GlassFloor is entirely water repellent and therefore impervious to wind and weather. The luminosity of the LEDs is bright enough to not let the visual experience fade in daylight. Best proof for this was the first LumiFlex project together with Nike, who staged the floor impressively outside the Bikini Berlin Center in 2015. The 200-square meter floor was installed within two days, for a football tournament that featured German World Cup winner Miroslav Klose and Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, to name a few. Spectators were amazed by the visual experience the ASB LumiFlex offers. The event’s host Nike was also convinced and ordered their next floor a year later, for the Nike Jordan Anti-Gravity Dunk Contest in Las Vegas. ASB’s Managing Director Christof Babinsky fondly remembers this moment from 2016 – especially, since LumiFlex’s international success story was continued at that event: “An entire LED floor as a certified sports floor with area-elastic properties is just as unique today as it was then. And our customers all over the world share this opinion. After the Las Vegas event, we shipped the 150-square meter floor to our Korean partner, who now rents it out as his event- and sports floor in Korea.”

The ASB LumiFlex is available in two versions, basic and premium. The premium version features a pixel pitch of 6.25 millimeters, which enables high resolution video display. This means that in one square meter of ASB LumiFlex, over 25’600 RGB LEDs are built in. The basic version is available with a pixel pitch of 8.9 millimeters, meaning that 12’500 RBG LED’s are encased.  

Jumpman Vegas




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Creating modern venues

Based in the heart of the beautiful Chiemgau of Upper Bavaria, Germany, ASB has always insisted on high value creation through quality and intelligent design. The company is an important development partner of the leading Squash World Associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations. As the world’s leading provider of squash courts, ASB know all the requirements placed on high-ranking sports facilities.

ASB have installed GlassFloors across the globe, creating modern facilities such as the BallsportArena in Dresden and this month Oxford University. Thanks to the multi-functionality of the flooring system the venues can be used for professional sporting events, concerts, galas, trade fair events and retail/pop-up stores and marketing campaigns. The BallsportArena has held international Futsal competitions, professional Handball games, staged professional boxing events, rock concerts, posh galas and innovative trade fair events at their venue. The GlassFloor allowed them to adapt their venue for the required event easily. The LED marking lines of the flooring system can be changed to the required sport or switched off when not needed.


ASB has the skills and commercial skills necessary for international business and know the global sporting markets like the back of their hands. Inquire today about the most advanced sports flooring on the market:



Glass sports floor stands for multi-functionality and durability

ASB have set itself the goal of creating a floor that outlasts its venue. The GlassFloor and LED marking lines impress with their futuristic look . When the lines are turned off, the unique surface allows for any venue to be used as an expo space, entertainment venue, dance floor or for many other purposes.

The GlassFloor has an expected lifetime of 70 years. The materials used are glass, ceramic and aluminium which are known for their resilience and longevity. The main advantages however lie in the glass surface whose matt surface means that it does not show scratches or other signs of use, and the ceramic dots which withstand any kind of abrasion. The LEDs have a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Moreover, a floor with these properties allows for applications which would be unthinkable on a standard sports floor. It is possible to arrange non-sporting events, access the floor with scaffolding or other heavy equipment.

Moreover, a floor with these properties allows one to use it for a variety of events which would be unthinkable of doing on a standard sports floor. It is possible to arrange non-sporting events, and access the floor with scaffolding or other heavy equipment.


Concert on the glass sports flooring at the BallsportArena in Dresden. 
Boxing event held on top of the GlassFloor.
The BallsportArena also use their sports facility to hold galas and other special events.


ASB GlassFloor pins and boards

ASB, short for “Aluminum System Bau”, was founded in 1965. The company has always insisted on high value creation through quality and intelligent design. ASB is an important development partner of the leading squash world associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations. As the world’s leading provider of squash courts, ASB know all the requirements placed on high-ranking sports facilities.

Over the past ten years, ASB has taken their innovative technology further and has developed a futuristic flooring system called ‘ASB GlassFloor’. The company has created two different glass-based flooring products: The ASB MultiSports and the ASB LumiFlex.

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ASB RentalSolutions

We rent out fascination!

We are delighted to announce that the premium product ASB LumiFlex can now be hired through the ASB RentalSolutions for events of all kinds. The entire floor surface becomes a multi-functional monitor which turns any space into a unique visual experience and spectacularly stages your project.

The patented, extremely durable glass surface is one of the most innovative floor surfaces ever made and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use such as:

  • Sporting events
  • Trade fairs & exhibitions
  • Product presentations
  • Concerts
  • Retail & pop-up stores
  • Outdoor & indoor marketing campaigns 


Trade fairs & exhibitions

The modular floor is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions. It stages products and companies in a completely new and spectacular way. An eye-catcher and visitor magnet, the floor transports information and generates emotions. Unique, innovative and in a never seen before intensity. 

Product presentations

Make your product a star! On the video floor of ASB, presentations of automotives are just as possible as of innovative household appliances, consumer electronics or video games. The floor can be used as a visual accompaniment, for the presentation of products, simulation of a production processes and much more.

Unlimited possibilities for fascinating market presence that will be remembered.


With the floor of ASB not only the artists themselves can be put into the lime light, but also the great media attention of concerts can be utilised in the best possible way for advertising purposes. This allows to stage an unprecedented show.

Fashion shows & catwalks

ASB GlassFloors do not only provide a visual experience, they also offer the perfect grip thanks to their unique, patented surface.

For the safe performance of your models and a spectacular event: the perfect staging of your collection!

Shops & pop-up stores

Pop-up stores are vying for attention. With ASB LumiFlex this attention is guaranteed. And if requested, the store can look different every day or diverse brands can be displayed. A floor for unlimited creativity!

Indoor- & Outdoor marketing campaigns

Whether in the entrance area of a trade fair, a shopping mall or a movie premiere: The ASB LumiFlex reinvents the red carpet! Let your visitors run across virtual water surfaces or hover over treetops or the skyline of Manhattan. Here, images are created that go around the world. Whether as a background or in focus: thanks to its pin-sharp images, the ASB LumiFlex delivers the ideal subject for high-resolution press photos as well as for the snapshot for social media.

Multifunctionality LumiFlex Poster

Did we inspire your imagination? Which project would you like to turn into a fascinating, spectacular multimedia experience with the ASB LumiFlex? Let us talk about it!

Whether you have a question or need an individual offer, Mr. Lemmermann will be pleased to advise you.

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How to adopt an innovation mindset

The history of humanity has always been driven by innovation. Every invention that makes life feasible in the first place, easier or more comfortable was the idea of someone who dared to try out something new. This spirit is deeply embedded in ASB‘s DNA and therefore, in each individual product.

Glass as an established construction material in the area of flooring for professional sports venues is not a new concept for ASB; however, the family business has developed its use much further over the past few years. Initially, glass was used in the construction of transparent glass walls for squash courts to make the sport more attractive for the audience, yet today’s innovations mainly focus on the flooring – and therefore on the most important element for most types of sport.

Ever wondered how to adopt an innovation mindset?

  1. Develop an innovation strategy – With your team’s help, develop an innovation strategy detailing how you will improve your products or services, your processes, your marketing strategy, your business model and your supply chain. Then keep it up to date.
  2. Tap the creativity of your employees – They have intimate knowledge of your business and industry and will often be your best source of ideas.
  3. Look for ideas and feedback from suppliers, customers and other stakeholders – It could be as simple as changing a process, adapting a product to a new market or exploring new ways to reach customers.
  4. Invest in capital assets – Especially those that improve your competitiveness like information and communications technology.
  5. Don’t look for the magic bullet – Focus on continuous incremental improvements.
  6. Educate yourself – Study innovation, change and creativity. Go to conferences and travel.
  7. Take action on new ideas – Even if they fail, have faith that you’re on the path to innovation.

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