Tennis like you have never seen it before

Court 16 Long Island City will usher a brand new environment to the game we love for players of all ages.

Court 16 Long Island City is the first – and only – club in the United States to use customisable LED-illuminated tennis courts.  Players of all ages will benefit from USTA-sanctioned court sized appropriately for specific ages and skills sets.  The unique elasticity of the ASB GlassFloor provides maximum cushioning and rebound value for kids and adults alike! With the touch of the control panel, LED marking lines for a whole variety of professional sports can be used to change the layout of the court and the play-lines – transforming the court from, say, a tennis full sized court to a smaller single court.


  • Three 30 FT tennis courts
  • Four USTA-sanctioned 36 ft courts
  • Two USTA-sanctioned 60 ft tennis courts
  • Custom circuit configurations designed for tennis training programs to deconstruct the game and build muscle memory


Innovative technology to fall in love with the game.


Court16 collage





What’s next?

Interactive surfaces are currently the innovation most in focus, and a promising series of products and solutions can be created through interactive solutions.

But this is by far not the end. ASB envisions their products in future public spaces, airports, galleries, spa areas and many more places that can be enhanced through our technological solutions.

ASB Create Fascination

The revolutionary ASB GlassFloors turn any space into a unique visual experience. The ASB MultiSports illuminates various professional sports fields and courts individually with its modern LED marking lines, whilst the ASB LumiFlex transforms the entire floor surface into a multi-functional monitor that spectacularly stages your project.

Fascination guaranteed!

The patented, extremely durable glass surface is one of the most innovative floor surfaces ever made and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use such as:

  • Sporting events
  • Trade fairs & exhibitions
  • Product presentations
  • Concerts
  • Retail & pop-up stores
  • Indoor & outdoor marketing campaigns


About ASB’s glass flooring systems

The strict performance criteria for both sports floors are not only met, but even exceeded. The surfaces meet the international Norm EN 14904. The major performance criteria for testing according to the EN 14904 are shock absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance, vertical deformation and behaviour under a rolling load. Both systems fulfil and exceed these demands for an official and professional sports floor. Moreover, the GlassFloors gained accreditation by the major sports organisations such as FIBA (the International Basketball Federation), IHF (the International Handball Federation) and WSF (the World Squash Federation).

Glass is in general perceived as something that is used for see-through purposes and it is always assumed that glass is slippery and reflective. Modern technology allows ASB to use a type of glass that is chemically etched and appears matt as well as it does not show any scratches. Not only does the GlassFloor offer an all-round unique visual experience, but its is a floor which is truly designed for the players and their maximum performance. The GlassFloor is one of the healthiest playing surfaces available: burning ceramic dots into the glass allows ASB to change the sliding characteristics and actually create the ideal grip for the sports floor. An interesting fact is that the ASB GlassFloor glass is 2.5 times more elastic than a wooden floor board.

Discover more about the futuristic flooring: ASB GlassFloor.

50 Reasons for the ASB GlassFloor

  1. Glass and aluminium do not age, therefore the GlassFloor is most durable. We assume a lifetime of 70 years.
  2. No damages or staining of the ASB GlassFloor due to street shoes. Thanks to its special surface it is resistant to damages through dirt.
  3. No skin abrasion born by skidding on the floor as it is caused on synthetic and wooden floors.
  4. Athletes are full of enthusiasm for the unique and highly elastic surface.
  5. Insensitive to humidity and heat.
  6. Panels can easily be taken out individually and replaced easily at any time.
  7. Burned in ceramic dots provide best slip resistance – without any risk of injury; the dots are durable and resistant to wear-and-tear. Size and density can be produced to our customers’ requirements.
  8. The patented etching of the surface prevents reflections of light etc. on the floors’ surface.
  9. Revolutionary advertising opportunities – with full color print from underneath, which can be exchanged at any time. Very impressive with LED lighting (i.e. illuminated logos or advertising).
  10. LED lines can be switched on individually, which is not possible with regular sports floors. This allows professional tournaments for different sports on one floor.
  11. The ASB GlassFloor in its LumiFlex version offers a one-of-a-kind visual experience (full LED video floor).
  12. Parties and events can easily be staged on this floor. Neither shoe marks, nor liquids nor the glowing end of cigarettes, nor any seating or stages cause any problem to the glass floor.
  13. The ASB GlassFloor can be supplied in any color.
  14. The floor can be used outdoors – it is not damaged by rain, sun, seawater, etc.
  15. LED marking lines are clearly visible under any source of illumination, also under direct sunlight.
  16. Easiest cleaning and maintenance of the floor. No experts required. Around 50% less cleaning time and effort required under regular use.
  17. Reliable after-sales service by ASB, a company that has been on the market for more than 50 years and is known for quality and reliability – quality and the best service have brought us to where we are.
  18. The floor meets all required standards for sports floors, including the EN 14094:2006.
  19. FIBA confirms that the floor meets all required specifications – accreditation received in 2017.
  20. Approved by the German Handball Bundesliga.
  21. The floor can easily be used with roller skates.
  22. The floor is visually pleasing and offers a futuristic and professional style. The floor is stunning.
  23. Possibility to carry out „Sports in the Dark“ with UV illumination (blacklight) and neon colours, which is a highlight!
  24. Sharp/pointed objects cannot damage the floor as is the case with PVC or wooden floors.
  25. Cleaning with any regular cleaning machine and customary cleaning detergent is possible.
  26. 95% of the GlassFloor can be recycled. Due to its durability, the floor is a sustainable and cost effective investment.
  27. No sanding and re-coating of the surface or lines required.
  28. No formaldehyde emissions from the floor as in regular sports floors.
  29. Flammability class F according to EN 13501-1.
  30. The system does not present washer gaps.
  31. Even frequent and considerable changes of humidity cannot damage the GlassFloor.
  32. The ASB GlassFloor is most suitable for any kind of wheelchair sports.
  33. The system is also perfect for use in combination with subfloor heating, since maintenance is easily doable thanks to the individually removable panels.
  34. Thanks to the singular display of the LED lines, the floor can be used for numerous sports of the highest leagues and TV broadcasts.
  35. The floor is ideal for the use of retractable seats/bleachers, as the load of the wheels does not cause any traces on the floor as is the case with wooden or synthetic floors.
  36. The toughened glass surface cannot be damaged by sand or pebbles.
  37. The system is „Made in Germany“ in reliable ASB quality.
  38. ASB GlassFloor is a major spectator attraction.
  39. Even after years of use, the floor still looks like new.
  40. You can walk on the GlassFloor with any kind of shoe, even outdoor shoes.
  41. Good acoustic characteristics through the rough surface and acoustic decoupling.
  42. No evaporation of plasticisers or softeners, no odour harassment to athletes or spectators.
  43. The large size of the panels offer a homogenous overall picture of the floor area.
  44. Emergency Exit signs and directional arrows can be displayed under the floor, which offers a new dimension of fire safety.
  45. Water damages in the sports hall have no effect on the GlassFloor.
  46. Athletes enjoy a better sense of space by the illuminated LED marking lines.
  47. The well-defined illuminated marking lines allow for referees to better see if a ball is „out of play“.
  48. It is not necessary to close the sports hall for refurbishments as is the case with wooden sports floors.
  49. No termite infestation possible.
  50. Due to its longevity, the GlassFloor is a longterm investment which can be dismantled in one sports hall and reinstalled in the next. Plus, it can be refinanced through unique advertising possibilities.

TRON Basketball


This is ASB GlassFloor’s very first sports hall installation and therefore this particular installation is their prototype. ASB achieved all norm regulations for a school sports hall in Germany. Nevertheless, after being used on a daily basis for over 8-years, the glass sports floor still looks immaculate. On top of that, the floor is very easy to clean and maintain. The students have only been full of praise for this facility and prefer it to any other floor they have played on.

The LED marking lines include: a Badminton Court, a Basketball Court, a Handball Pitch, a Tennis Court and a Volleyball Court. Additional: A permanent School Logo under the glass and floor heating. 📬

🎥 MrMike Production

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Listen to MarketScale‘s podcast featuring ASB GlassFloor‘s Managing Director Christof Babinsky. On this episode of the Building Management Podcast, they discuss the amazing advancements that ASB have made with regard to flooring, meeting spaces, and arenas. MarketScale and Christof Babinsky also talk about revolutionising flat surfaces, in general.

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LED GlassFloor for interactive Gym training

The LED technology has progressed drastically over recent years and has become affordable enough to be incorporated in large field applications like the ASB GlassFloor .

The same applies to the different treatment options of glass. In combination, these allow for a product that is revolutionary enough to become a major game changer as well as offering a better user experience in terms of individual marking lines being available at the touch of a button and the athletes health, which is paramount.

Another interesting aspect is interactive training. ASB has the ability to use the video floor ASB LumiFlex with interactive player- and ball tracking. This will make interactive animations as well as interactive training routines with live feedback possible. Whilst the market for these applications might be a couple of years away, there already is an installations in place, where the video floor is utilised for interactive training in a gym. The elastic video floor is the perfect motivation to participate in sports, providing interactive classes.


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