The LumiFlex flooring. Uncovered…

Gain a crucial insight into the workings of our cutting-edge LumiFlex flooring.

ASB’s LumiFlex flooring system is a one-of-a-kind visual experience, the LumiFlex system incorporates groundbreaking technology to deliver a user experience which is truly second to none. There are an infinite number of ways which this particular floor can be utilised. Uses range from sporting events and advertisement, to business presentations and retail.

Each individual LED panel is connected to the next giving a single, smooth visual display of any desired graphic. Because of the fact the flooring can be used in so many different ways, the user has been given the choice of pixel density. LumiFlex is available in both normal and high-resolution, once again showcasing the customisable nature of the product, tailoring to the user’s needs.

LumiFlex is the floor of the future, in a time where space tends to be limited this product offers the most efficient usage of floor space you could imagine.

Features of LumiFlex:

  • Non-slip surface engineered through the usage of burnt in ceramic dots
  • No light reflection due to special etching on top of the glass, giving a matte finish
  • Outstanding shock absorption due to flexible nature of the glass
  • Input video controlled from any HMDI enabled device

Take a look at LumiFlex in action:

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ASB continue to revolutionise the world of sport

Latest installations

ASB are proud to be able to announce the completion of three unique GlassFloor projects, one in the United States and two in the United Kingdom.

In a bright-yellow warehouse in Long Island City, New York, Court 16 were able to announce being the very first tennis club in the United States to own tennis courts with customisable LED marking lines. ASB installed a 663 m², light grey ASB MultiSports floor.

Across the pond, the University of Oxford’s new sports complex “The Acer Nethercott Sports Centre” were able to present their dark anthracite, 699,5 m² GlassFloor. With the state-of-the-art sports centre, the University begins a new chapter in the development and facilitation of top athletes from future generations of students.

Additionally, ASB created an eye-catcher of a different kind that welcomes colleagues and visitors at the Microsoft Campus in Ireland. A digital lake with a digital waterfall made of glass and LEDs gives the spacious atrium a futuristic touch. The ASB GlassFloor was adjusted in order to meet the particular requirements and offers unique event and presentation opportunities.


Court 16 Long Island City
All lines smaller size
The University of Oxford
Microsoft HQ Dublin

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Imagine a floor that can…

Basketball is a very cool sport. Not only because inspiring athletes such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James are linked to the sport, but because basketball is an extremely complex game physically, which allows players with all sorts of abilities to flourish. This is part of what gives basketball the most diverse scale of any sport. It is also plain easy for anyone to play, either alone or with anyone else.

And now the sport has become even cooler. The Bavarian company ASB GlassFloor has created a one-of-a-kind sports floor that will revolutionise the sport.

Imagine a floor that can…
✅ Visualise where you scored/missed from 👀
✅ Track your hot/coldzones 🎯
✅ Time and measure your drills ⏰
✅ Show footwork patterns 👣
✅ Show you where to go if you forgot the plays again 😅
❇️ The possibilities are endless and they are now realisable with the full LED video floor ASB LumiFelx

Discover the glass sports flooring which is a hot topic on Instagram right now and you need to know about:

Experience tennis like never seen before

The modern and forward-thinking tennis club Court 16 in New York, Long Island City, is the very first indoor tennis club in the United States to have LED lit, glass tennis courts.

Developed by an international network of tennis experts and cultural creators, the club envisions a modern approach to teaching tennis. Court 16 Long Island City has created a cool environment for tennis enthusiasts of all ages. The advanced glass tennis courts provide unique training methods, various sized courts for kids of different ages, maximum cushioning and rebound values and an exceptional elasticity.

The wow-factor of the flooring not only makes non-sports enthusiast to have a go, but being accredited by International Tennis Federation (ITF), it impresses every user, athlete and trainer. The ASB Glass Floor is changing the way sports are played with its bespoke line markings, unique elasticity, chemically etched matt surface and double sprung all-aluminium sub-construction.

ASB is known for its innovations and sustainable design in the world of sport

the action or process of innovating.
  • a new method, idea, product, etc.


Creativity has no limits and in the sports industry, innovation is constant, whether it is to improve the performance of athletes themselves or the fan experience. The sports industry is continuously moving; that is why it is an interesting business for entrepreneurs and innovators.

One should definitely highlight one new trend in this sector, which is the use of technology in sport. ASB have always insisted on high value creation through quality and intelligent design, thus having utilised modern technology to aid design in creating the “Tron”-style sports floor of the future.

ASB’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the high quality materials are incorporated into the most advanced flooring system currently on the market. ASB has already proved this in being an important development partner of the leading squash world associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations. As the world’s leading provider of squash courts, the company know all the requirements placed on high-ranking sports facilities. This knowledge and passion has been been embedded into ASB’s advanced sports flooring, the GlassFloor with their “Tron”-style sports floor ASB MultiSports and their full LED video floor ASB LumiFlex. Discover them below:


All lines smaller size.gif
ASB MultiSports; diverse courts and fields for a whole variety of sports can be displayed individually. No more confusing marking lines.
ASB LumiFlex; a full LED video floor acts as a Plug&Play monitor allowing for endless opportunities for sponsors, partners, events, concerts etc. 

BaSpo celebrates a successful premiere

The organizers of BaSpo, Germany’s very first ball sports exhibition, are satisfied with their very first trade fair event which took place 29th June – 1st July. 165 exhibitors and partners in an area of almost 13,000 square meters attracted more than 11,000 visitors who visited the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund throughout the three days of the event.

The motivation to try out new sports was the main focus of the event, with the full LED video floor ASB LumiFlex taking the centre stage and hosting diverse events from Badminton competitions with the National German Badminton team, to a Mini World Cup event and from Kicker competitions to interactive sweepstakes. The fair visitors were able to try out a total of 20 ball sports on site themselves. In addition to popular disciplines such as handball, football and basketball, there were also sports such as futsal and paddle tennis present.

BaSpo managing director Ali Çelik announced: “Next year the fair will be even better and much larger in all areas. We are soaking up the great feedback and are looking forward to the BaSpo 2019, full of enthusiasm and anticipation.” The date for the next year has already been fixed: from June 28 to 30, 2019, the event will once again take place during the last weekend of June.

BaSpo Messe Dortmund

BaSpo Messe


Mini WM_10.JPG


3X3 Pro League launched on GlassFloor

NextGen Amsterdam – a platform for the next generation of (top) athletes and sports – displayed an innovation that has never been exhibited in the Netherlands before:
The ASB LumiFlex.
ASB Glassfloor, inventor of the ASB LumiFlex full LED floor, and Foundation 3X3 Unites launched the 3X3 Pro League event with an amazing showcase of technology and sports combined.
3×3 Basketball is a very fast growing global sport, in which the Netherlands takes a leading position. Co-founders Mark Schuurman and Jesper Jobse envision 3X3 UNITES as a foundation that combines hard work and efforts to bring this popular urban sport to the next level, in the Netherlands as well as on a global level.
“From the streets to the world stage!”
Amsterdam 3x3_22
Amsterdam 3x3_20
Amsterdam 3x3_6