Experience the ASB GlassFloor at the BaSpo

The BaSpo GmbH trade fair event in Dortmund will unite all the emotions of ball sports on one platform. Visitors will experience the world of ball sports. At the BaSpo you can try out new sports, meet professionals such as the football stars Lewis Holty or Nevan Subotic and compete against their family and friends. 

In the BaSpo adventure world you will be able to discover and try out trending sports such as Futsal, Headis, Padel Tennis and witness the ASB LumiFlex full LED videofloor in action. It stages products and companies in a completely new and spectacular way. An eye-catcher and visitor magnet, the floor transports information and generates emotions. Unique, innovative and in a never seen before intensity.

BASPO 2018 – 29.06.-01.07.2018 – Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund 





Stein is Balling

The “Schule Schloss Stein”, the private school in the Bavarian town Stein a. d. Traun which is home to ASB GlassFloor will be hosting a unique basketball and beach volleyball event.

The sports event organised by students from the 11th grade will feature a 3×3 Basketball tournament wich will be held on their glass sports flooring .  The beach volleyball tournament will take place on their beach volleyball court.

The unique aspect of the tournament is the fact that it will take place on the world’s first sports hall with an illuminated glass sports flooring which was installed back in 2009. The modern gym with its elastic glass floor is a real highlight. The star-attraction are the integrated LED marking lines that display different court markings individually, such as basketball or volleyball at the touch of the control pad. After all these years and daily use, and despite the ASB GlassFloor having been developed further since, it still looks stunning and excites students and visitors.

Discover more about the event here: stein-is-balling.de



Oxford University installs glass sports flooring

The University of Oxford being one of the top universities in the world comes down to the fact that the management maintains a balanced mixture of tradition and future orientation – also regarding its equipment. A perfect example of the innovative spirit within the University is portrayed by the new Acer Nethercott Sports Centre which has an ASB GlassFloor installed. The glass sports flooring and its LED marking lines illuminate a whole variety of sports fields at the press of a button individually. No more confusing marking lines.

With the state-of-the-art sports centre, the University of Oxford begins a new chapter in the development and facilitation of top athletes from future generations of students. The new complex includes a 700 m² glass sports flooring with illuminated LED marking lines. LED marking lines include: Badminton, Basketball, Dodgeball, Handball, Football, Futsal, Korfball, Netball and Volleyball.






A one-of-a-kind installation

An eye-catcher of a different kind welcomes colleagues and visitors at the Microsoft Campus in Ireland.
A digital lake with a digital waterfall gives the spacious atrium a futuristic touch. The ASB GlassFloor was adjusted in order to meet the particular requirements.
The result: An impressive visual experience that can also be used for customer events and presentations.
A little about displaying content on the installation: A movie (such as a video clip of a coral reef) is played and displayed on the digital lake. Whilst this movie is displayed on the floor below, time shifted colours run down the waterfall into the lake. A censor recognises the colours from the movie which run down the waterfall, starting from the roof of the top floor and merge into the lake – the colours are screened. This makes this a one-of-a-kind installation.
Not only will the installation be used to display visual effects, but also for presentations. The cutting edge technology allows the client to use their spacious atrium as a vast presentation room. These can be displayed on the lake below whilst employees have a good view from all three floors and its balconies. This is a new and revolutionary use of the the floor space and is visually stunning.
Microsoft Dublin installation
A one-of-a-kind installation.
Microsoft Dublin

Eye-catcher in the airinotec booth at the Anuga FoodTec trade fair

ASB LumiFlex as a rental solution

For technology companies, the appealing presentation of their products is a challenge. The multimedia floor LumiFlex from ASB Rental Solutions GmbH offers trade fairs, events or in-house exhibitions various possibilities to present their products and services in a futuristic and modern look. At the Anuga FoodTec, airinotec GmbH, the specialist for cooling and ventilation systems, took advantage of the floor and offered the trade fair visitors a unique, visual experience.

Airinotec is one of the first companies to use the new service of ASB GlassFloor: With the founding of ASB Rental Solutions GmbH it has recently been possible to rent the innovative LumiFlex glass floor for temporary events such as trade fairs and events. This gives companies such as airinotec completely new opportunities to present their products and innovations. The visitors, who passed the airinotec stand in hall 10.2 at the Cologne exhibition center, immediately noticed one thing: the floor on which the production line was digitally displayed.

This floor, which became a real eye-catcher, showed the conveyor principle of the pallets in the cooling tunnel and thus placed the exhibited highlight in its context of use. “Most of our equipment could only be displayed with great effort and space at a trade show. That would break our budget, “says airinotec CEO Stefan Hummrich. “We have achieved two effects with the multimedia floor: We have created awareness and indicated the dimensions in which our products can be used.” For Stefan Hummrich, it is clear that the investment was worthwhile. “We are very satisfied with our trade fair presentation.”

The ASB LumiFlex is a development of ASB GlassFloor. The idea is as simple as it is captivating: The glass flooring system can transform the entire floor surface into a multifunctional monitor. Originally, the LED-fitted floor was designed for sports halls. When it became apparent that the possibilities of use were extremely diverse, the idea was born to offer LumiFlex as a rental solution. For this purpose, ASB Rental Solutions GmbH was founded. The company takes care of the entire process – and ensures that the flexible floor is installed correctly and works flawlessly.

The first lease for LumiFlex already took place in Amsterdam in February 2018: The occasion of the Frame Awards ceremony saw the use of the portable floor as a lit catwalk and thus became the focus of the international elite of interior design. The fact that the second rental took place at a technically oriented trade fair shows just how big the range of services offered by ASB Rental Solutions GmbH is.

Credits ©Presstigieux venue
Frame Awards Amsterdam 2018



A unique floor for a unique tennis club

May 2018. “Court 16“ proudly call themselves to be the most innovative tennis club in the United States. Its unparalleled concept of tailoring tennis to a wide range of age groups has now been given an optimal flooring: the multifunctional LED flooring system from ASB GlassFloor, which fits perfectly into the trainings concept of “Court 16”.

In 2014, Anthony Evrard opened the very first branch of his tennis club “Court 16” in Brooklyn, New York. A pioneering achievement: Born and raised in Brussels, Evrard followed his idea of a tennis club concept for children from the ages between 3 to 11-years-old – a completely new idea in the US, which Evrard had brought from Europe. Anthony Evrard is of the belief that the fun of the game should be in the centre of attention and that it is much easier to teach children when the training methods are adapted to their age and they learn on a smaller court. “We did not invent this method,” Evrard told the Brooklyn based magazine at the opening. „In Europe, it goes without saying that you start on smaller courts. Yet, what distinguishes us is the aesthetics of the place. The little players should feel comfortable when entering “Court 16”.

Special Requirements For The Sports Floor


Evrard’s concept worked: “Court 16” was so successful that in February 2018 the first subsidary was opened in Long Island City / Queens, not far from their first location in Brooklyn. His second “Court 16” tennis club also focuses on children and adolescents, but with a small difference: In Long Island City, adults are also able to practice and take tennis lessons. This would increase the motivation for all. During the planning of the new tennis facility, it quickly became apparent that this idea brought certain difficulties with it. Different court sizes were needed – for children, for adolescents and for adults. At the same time, the courts needed to preferably be adaptable, so that they could be adapted to the respective bookings. The solution to this problem came from Germany. To be more precise: from the Bavarian company ASB GlassFloor, who offer a patented solution with a glass flooring system for sports facilities, in which integrated LEDs make an individual layout of the court possible. The Company offersdifferent varieties. With ASB LumiFlex, the entire floor turns into a multi-media monitor, opening up completely new possibilities for sports venues, such as additional advertising opportunities and revenue. On the other hand, ASB MultiSports, the floor which was installed at “Court 16” Long Island City, uses the LEDs that allow you to switch between marking lines for different sports via touchscreen. Moreover, “Court 16” also benefits from additional advantages: Besides the tennis court marking lines, special markings have been integrated for individual exercises, such as the serve. In addition to the high quality and excellent properties of the GlassFloor, which is FIBA accredited, approved by the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the International Handball Federation (IHF), it offers the ability to customise the court markings within seconds using a touch screen. The perfect solution for the requirements of the new “Court 16” subsidary. „For us this is a very nice project as it once again displays the wide range of possible uses of our products”, says Christof Babinsky, the Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor. „Our floor ensures an effective use of space and supports and innovative training concept. And that without line markings chaos.”

Within three weeks, the MultiSports floor was installed on an area of 664 square meters. With the opening in February 2018, the New Yorker district is now home to the first US tennis club with a glass sports floor, where the marking lines can be flexibly controlled by means of LEDs – and with its surface properties it also provides a very welcoming and approachable environment, especially for the young learners of the game. “The lines ‘grow’ with the learning tennis players”, says Christof Babinsky. “This is a unique feature for a unique tennis club concept.”




ASB GlassFloor:

ASB was founded in 1965. The company has always relied on high value cre- ation on the basis of quality and intelligent design. ASB is an important devel- opment partner for the leading international squash associations and has brought the sport several ground-breaking innovations. As the world’s leading squash court supplier, ASB is thoroughly familiar with everything that is ex- pected from a top-quality sports venue. On the basis of its many years of ex- perience and sound materials expertise, the company has developed further, and ASB GlassFloor is now the only manufacturer of glass flooring for sports venues in the world.

ASB GlassFloor is headquartered in Germany and is internationally active in 70 countries, although primarily in the UK and the USA

Glass lit-up data-tracking squash floor

What if we could

Light up target zones indicating where you need to a
im the ball to, increasing your focus and training performance?

Give you feedback on how successful you were in hitting your desired target zones – while comparing it to previous sessions?

A highlighted T area with overhead cameras could track your movement back to this center of the court after every shot?

Help you understand where to hit the ball and how to pressure your opponent much clearer and faster?

Sixty-five percent of the population are visual learners. That is, they use images, pictures, colors, and other visual media to organize and learn information. The remainder of the population is comprised of auditory and kinesthetic learners.


The latest ASB Glassfloor installation is located in Port Chester, New York and features an ASB GlassCourt with special LED lines and an interactiveSquash system that provide a unique training tool. The court was installed for MSquash Academy, a high-performance Squash Academy founded by Shaun Moxham.

MSquash also have installed:
5x ASB SquashCourts System 100
2x interactiveSQUASH systems

MSquash’s glass squash court with installed LED marking lines and 7 cameras allow you to see, understand, and correct your technique, movement, strategy and mindset as never before.

The power of the immediate court-side visual and auditory feedback increases the concentration and accelerates the learning. Players will not only see what they need to improve, they will see their actual improvement.