The Floor that Comes Alive with the Help of Light

Our GlassFloor is characterised by disruptive and new possible applications within the sports flooring market. Our LED marking lines are installed under the glass surface of our standard GlassFloor, the ASB MultiSports and can be switched on and off within seconds using a touch screen. This allows one to display a whole variety of sports courts such as tennis, badminton, squash, handball, basketball and volleyball. This offers the multifunctional use of the facility without any confusing lines. The lines are only switched on when they are really needed and the floor can be produced in any colour.

Our further development of our GlassFloor is our ASB LumiFlex, a full video floor. It is also sprung, resilient and meets most of the European and universal norms for performance sports floors, including the EN and DIN norm. In addition, this floor can also be used as an advertising medium – a lot is possible, from uni-coloured logos to pictures, videos or text. Big LED nets are laid out under the glass surface and they show the wanted information on the floor. For events that do not require any advertising, all information can be switched off, by simply using the touch screen.


School Stein copy

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DFB Futsal Team enjoy their visit to the BallsportArena

The German Futsal national team has just missed a respectable victory in the sold-out Dresdner BallsportArena in front of a record crowd of 2691 spectators in a 2:5 (2:2) against the Czech Republic. More importantly, Marcel Loosveld’s team improved greatly compared to their 2:13 loss in their first international friendly game.

“It was a tremendous atmosphere in the hall, which has certainly positively influenced our game,” Loosveld praised the audience, the facility and then also his team: “We played a good game because the players played outstandingly well in contrast to our first game. In the end, the class of the opponent has prevailed, but that is also a European top team”. Kepler Pavlos Wiegels agreed with his coach: “We improved a lot, everyone fought until the final whistle and gave 100 percent. It is a pity we lost, but we can be proud of our performance.”

Our ASB GlassFloor illuminates the futsal field of the BallsportArena.



Will our GlassFloor transform the sports sector for the better?

Read about flooring innovations and our futuristic in the latest issue.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.39.13.png

What will indoor sports surfaces look like in 20 years’ time? Will there always be space for wooden flooring? Or are there innovative new playing surfaces around the corner that will transform the sports sector for the better?

One of the disruptors that could have a major effect are glass-based products that allow digital signage. An innovator in this space is Germany-based ASB.

The company started off as a specialist in squash courts, but has since developed a futuristic product called ASB GlassFloor. Designed to be highly versatile, the surface of the floor has two treated glass plates that are held together by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) safety layer.

Due to its transparency, LED lighting can be used to change the layout of the court and the play-lines – transforming the court from, say, basketball to badminton at the push of a button.

ASB has now taken the concept further and has developed two different glass-based flooring products. ASB MultiSports can be used both outdoors and indoors and has been designed to be used for nearly any sport.

“The MultiSports floor not only meets all technical requirements of a modern sports floor, it offers much more,” says Christof Babinsky, ASB chief executive.

“The touchscreen allows you to switch on a professional playing field for any type of sport. The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors and even portable floors are possible.”

Meanwhile, ASB LumiFlex is a full video floor, offering a plethora of opportunities from displaying scores and statistics to commercial use during breaks in play.

“The entire floorspace is a multi-functional monitor,” Babinsky says. “The floor was designed to transform any space into a visual experience. Its patented glass surface is one of the most innovative flooring surfaces ever made and can be used for a variety of solutions ranging from sports to concerts, retail to trade shows.”

The BallsportArena in Dresden, which opened in May 2017, embraced the technology.

“This very first professional sports venue with ASB GlassFloor’s product proves the multi-functionality and durability of this type of flooring,” Babinsky adds.

“The flooring allows the venue to be used for professional team sports – but also for gala dinners and concerts. The same flooring stays in place and does not need to be covered.”

GlassFloor Revolutionises Bundesliga Handball

Stadionwelt – A new arena for ball sports opened in Dresden in May. Located between the famous Superoper state opera house and the Ostra sports park, the venue will above all host Bundesliga level handball matches.

The hall’s main attraction – besides the boys from local handball club HC Elbflorenz Dresden – is our blue glass sports floor. The marking lines are controlled via touchscreen and can be changed to suit any kind of sport – a pioneering innovation made in Germany!

When the BallsportArena in Dresden opened, the around 4,500 guests invited to the opening ceremony were amazed when they saw the hall’s flooring. The futuristic look of the blue glass floor with its luminous white LED lines elicited appreciative comments like “totally innovative” from quite a few of the visitors. Barry Hardy, the trainer of the legendary “Harlem Globetrotters” show basketball team, who had come all the way from the USA to attend the opening ceremony, also enthused: “We love this floor!”

In the BallsportArena, up to 4,000 people will in future be able to cheer on especially the handball players from the 2. Bundesliga team HC Elbflorenz Dresden. In its home town, trainer Christian Pöhler’s team will be going for goals in its first season in the 2. Bundesliga on the world’s most state-of-the-art flooring system: This is the biggest ASB-MultiSports floor that has so far been installed anywhere in the world; its square usable surface size measures 44 meters along each side. However, professional badminton, basketball and volleyball matches will also be held on the glass sports floor – because the LED markings, around 2.5 kilometres of strip lights, can be switched on and off individually for the various playing fields as needed for these four types of sport.

Fifty reasons for a glass floor

With the biggest ASB MultiSports floor the company has so far installed, which meets all the technical requirements of modern sports flooring, the manufacturer is setting new benchmarks in the BallsportArena. The aluminium dual-support sprung floor substructure ensures that its absorption complies with the norm and makes the hardened safety glass flooring even more elastic than most sports flooring, which reduces the risk of injuries. To prevent reflex and excessive light reflection, the glass surface underwent a special acid-treatment process. The flooring is also anti-slip resistant thanks to ceramic anti-slip pinheads.

Our CEO Christof Babinsky can think of as many as fifty reasons for a glass floor. “A life-span of seventy years, resistant against damage from outdoor shoes – for example when a hall is used for concerts or parties – and the fact that unlike polymer or wood flooring, glass flooring does not cause skin burns when a player slips or falls are only the most obvious ones.” Architects and sports hall designers all over the world are starting to realise this, too. We have so far installed glass flooring in more than thirty sports and multi-purpose halls. The University of Oxford and two customers in the USA will also be getting a GlassFloor before the end of this year. “Each year, we cope with around fifteen to twenty projects of widely different sizes,” explains Babinsky. “We are especially proud of the durability of our floors. A concert might be held on the floor and then, only a few hours later, a professional sports event can take place without the need to cover it. Our flooring also has same homogenous elasticity in the areas beneath the stands. This is another USP.” In any case, the players from HC Elbflorenz have already confirmed the success of the record project in Dresden: They are more than happy with the low risk of sustaining serious injuries – and did not miss the profusion of markings that usually covers a traditional sports hall floor for one second.

(Text) Stadionwelt – Stadiaworld – Website

BallsportArena Dresden
Visitors were amazed by our ASB Glassfloor MultiSports floor at the opening of the new BallsportArena Dresden. The futuristic look of the blue glass floor coaxed a lot of praise and many positive comments.

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A Product Made And Designed In Germany

The GlassFloor is made from tempered safety glass and can withstand enormous impact. The panels are made from two specially treated glass plates held together by a 1.2mm PVB safety layer and can be produced to a size larger than 2 x 3 metres. The glass panels and their different treatments provide a surface that lasts longer than any conventional floor. This is why in 2007 we have been able to install the very first open air squash court on a cruise ship, withstanding the impact of UV light, sea water and perpetual movement over years.
The surface of the glass undergoes several special treatments to achieve ideal elasticity, friction and reflection of light. After years of extensive testing we have reached a result where the floor does not reflect too much to be a distraction but still gives a slight, diffuse reflection. Also, deflection and friction of the floor achieve equal or better results than conventional sport floors. The glass is in fact 2.4 times more elastic under human weight than a comparable hard wood board. The floor is certified according to the international standard for sports flooring, EN 14904. The same treatment that ensures the dim reflection of the surface also causes scratches to remain invisible. The properties of glass bring the advantage of very low maintenance and cleaning requirements. After many years of usage the surface can still maintain its original quality without visible wear and tear.


Open air squash court on an AIDA cruise ship.


To date, ASB has installed several high-end projects in the public and private sector. With official competition projects and high end universities as our clients you can be assured of norm compliance. All components of the GlassFloor are designed to meet a life time target of 70 years. With high attention to detail and several unique and effective features and qualities the product ecceeds the assumptions of a product made and designed in Germany.


Basketball lines Dresden-dark
LED marking lines can be switched on/off or changed on demand and the surface can be supplied in almost any colour. Even full size print under the glass is possible. We use a highly specialised UV printing method to print on the whole surface of the floor in up to 600 dpi and then apply a protection and di user layer.


HB and CB Schule Schloss Stein
“Founder Horst Babinsky (left) is still active in the company and is there to advise. In 2012, his son Christof Babinsky (right) took over the family business as Managing Director and has expanded ASB’s knowledge further in developing the MultiSports floor and releasing the ASB LumiFlex.”
Excerpt From: ASB GlassFloor. “iBook ASB GlassFloor.” iBooks.
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How User-friendly Are Our Products?

The ASB GlassFloor is a floor which is truly designed for the players and their maximum performance – and it is one of the healthiest playing surfaces available.

With our system, we have the unique ability to choose the performance characteristics of our sports floor. The glass we use is key to these characteristics. We can determine the amount of anti-slip ceramic dots on the surface of the glass which means we are able to adjust the grip of the surface of the floor.


For our standard ASB MultiSports surface, we chose a layout that provides grip at the highest standards of the EN norm. With an average test result of 0.57, we offer a great level of grip within the norm. However, due to the ceramic dots being raised, players do not have the problem of skin burn when they fall over (normally resulting from skidding over a sticky surface).

The glass used in the ASB GlassFloor is 2.5 times more elastic than a comparable hardwood board floor. The floor offers an equal shock absorption of 55.6% with 60% being the maximum allowed by the EN norm. Moreover, it being a relatively soft surface, it is better for joints and players when they fall compared to a wooden sports floor. The surface tension of the GlassFloor still provides a great ball reflection value of 93% to accommodate any basketball player’s requirements for a good ball rebound.


“The glass floor is the best floor I have ever played on. Consistent movement patterns, tremendous grip, fantastic elasticity and I’ve never jumped as high. This is definitely a very special floor and it looks absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to play on it again.”

Nicole Grether | German Olympic athlete | Badminton

“I always love the opportunity to visit the “Schloss Stein” private school in Bavaria. After all, what they have there is absolutely unique throughout Germany. Playing basketball on a glass floor in the “TRON” hall where I have already shot several basketball videos as I am continuously impressed by the appearance of the floor. You would never think the glass floor is so elastic. And its incredible grip is unique. It would almost seem impossible to slip here.”

Mr Mike, alias Michael Wagenführer | | Basketball

“From a tennis perspective, the GlassFloor is eminently suitable for use in multi-purpose halls used by clubs, schools, towns or communities. The possibility to superimpose several mini courts, a mid-court or even an entire tennis court at the touch of a button opens up entirely new opportunities for tennis as a sport in schools. A GlassFloor also enables sports associations to easily extend their range of sports to include tennis. The flooring offers grip and ball rebound is comparable to that of a fast carpet surface. The GlassFloor is ideal for playing with the pressure-reduced red, orange and green balls used in tennis for children and adolescents in particular.”

Bayerischer Tennis-Verband e.V. | | Tennis
Tennis played on our ASB MulitSports glass floor.
The very first ASB GlassFloor installed in a school sports hall at the Schule Schloss Stein in Germany.